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Monday, May 23, 2005

Magic Beach - Feeling Stream of Consciousness

At Reservoir East Primary School everyone, from Principal to Grade 1/2, is working on the Magic Beach. Staff participate alongside their students and create special books, filled with responses, just like their students. So when Grade 2/3k drew the places they reached at the end of the silver moonlit path Panayiota Kai joined in. This image, with her feeling stream of consciousness, inspired her class to think beyond idyllic island paradises at the end of the moon's silver path.

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Hot and clammy, my face is glowing
Where the hell am I?
An island paradise - my fear overcomes me
and the island becomes a nightmare
A nightmare I never wanted to have
Nighttime falls
the darkness descends...
releasing all my fears.
Frightened, fear.
I break out in a panting - get a grip...
breathing heavily...take a deep breath, in,
hold it, count to ten,
release it...
start again...
Feels like spiders wriggling in my stomach.
Tastes like vomit bursting out
Sounds like screaming, deep within the caverns of my heart.
Smells like decomposed dead bodies.
Looks like a jungle.

Frightened, fear...

Ms Panayiota Kai


  • You use a series of wonderful images to make the sense of fear very real.

    By Blogger Fran, at 23 May, 2005  

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