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Monday, May 23, 2005

Neptune Rises at St Kilda Beach

Neptune Rises at St Kilda Beach
Reporter: Ms P. Kai

King Neptune rose out of the giant waves at St Kilda Beach today. He was surrounded by a huge army of whales, dolpins and sharks. "As far as the eye could see Neptune's army was full of different sea creatures," said Ms Flakey and early jogger. "It was a sight to behold!" said another beach goer.

The President of Australia, Mrs Allast, has called in the army and sent her best advisers to negotiate. Ms President believes that the sea world is objecting to the continual lack of respect of their environment by land dwellers. King Neptune's representative, was quoted as saying "We will stand for this no longer. Don't rubbish our waters or you will pay with your lives." The leading Dolphin said "land dwellers are terrorists! How dare you expect us to live in peace with you when you use our waters as your rubbish bins."
"Clean up or we will do it for you" he added.

The Age - Three Days Later

The Northern Hemisphere has been destroyed by the largest Tsunami the world has ever seen.


  • Excellent! Connecting a fictional event to a recent true event makes it possible for the reader to "suspend disbelief", which is the most powerful aspect of all fiction. Good for you! We know the characters aren't real, but when you make such connections we can feel in our hearts that it's entirely possible the creatures of the ocean DO feel the way they do in the story. Historical fiction is my favourite kind, and historically-based fantasy fiction is a terrific idea!


    By Blogger Steph, at 23 May, 2005  

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