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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Poseidon Decides He Has Been Given a Bad Rap

They say I am wrathful, as enraged as the sea
They have given all sorts of emotions to me
And told lots of stories of troubles I’ve wrought
Floods that I’ve caused, tidal waves that I’ve brought
But I am not always angry and showing my fists
The sea isn’t hostile, it simply exists
It’s spirit’s not haughty, insolent or imperious
But deep beyond knowing, entranced and mysterious
I can bring forth destruction, as all nature can
But I am not here to cause trouble to man
I’ve fed him since he first arrived on the scene
From one land to another, I’ve conveyed him between
I gave to man Pegasus’ springs of creation
Where the muses all drink to soak up inspiration
From those magical waters would come all the arts
Which would give men their souls, their humor, their hearts
So it was through me, my foresight and acumen
That mankind in the end, became fully human

Now they say I’m destructive and cause devastation
I say it’s all been misinterpretation
Mankind getting miffed at what he can’t understand
That the sea is itself, not at all like the land
A place he can visit and learn much that’s wise
An abode of deep magic and enchanted surprise
But man must remember when he knocks on my door
He’s opened a mystery, he’s not in charge anymore
A mystery that swells, that flows and transcends
If mankind can remember, we might end up as friends

©Edwina Peterson Cross


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