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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sunken Shipwreck News Reports

The session at Preston East began with a dot to dot. Once the children had completed the dot to dot I asked them to imagine a city lying beyond the shipwreck and to draw that city. Note the precise detail that Jun in Grade 2 has provided. Note his perspective.

Then I took the class through a scenario where a diver went for an early morning dive in Port Phillip Bay with his dog. We gave the diver and his dog names and ages and then built up details on the board about what they saw on this early morning dive. I told them that the diver, upon seeing the sunken ship and the city pulled out his waterproof mobile phone and took a photo. (The dot to dot is that photo.) Then he dialled and rang the newspaper who rushed down, as they would, to capture this scoop. This is Jun's news report. Remember that he is a Grade 2 student.


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28 year old Daniel Dixon and his dog Rex went Scuba diving in Port Phillip Bay and saw a strange city of Neptune. This is a warning for all human beings. John Howard says he is sending 800 submarines to attack the lost city but thousands of people were marching towards government buildings in protest because they want to see the city. The world is planning to have war with Neptune. Some people think we cannot win the war against Neptune while some think we can...but can we?
Jun reporting from Port Phillip Bay


  • Hello there Jun of Preston East Primary School.....I have just read your great story of the Sunken Shipwreck....
    This is the most special of stories for me as I leave on the shore of Port Phillip Bay in Port Melbourne.....
    I do know for a fact that long ago when I was in primary school in Port Melbourne that a ship sunk in the bay...It was a sailing ship not a very large one ,all those on board were rescued by people who were fishing on the pier at the time
    The ship was never found and to this day it remains on the bottom of the sea.
    So strange as it may seem there is such a ship ,its name is unknown to me but over 60 years it has probably filled with all sorts of sea life such as crabs,sea urchins,small fish and all sorts of shellfish..perhaps even a mermaid or two,even the cargo may be there as well ,it could be quite valuable......
    If John Howard sends in 800 submarines I think he might be wasting money as divers could tell him if he asked them..I for one would most certainly protest against as I don't believe that Neptune is as bad as all that ,he is just protecting his world as we are,those of us who live on land....
    Great story Jun keep writing

    Lois Daley (Muse of the Sea)

    By Anonymous lois daley, at 06 July, 2005  

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